Our Services

New Service - Commercial Projects

Studio Wolf Designs is happy to announce that we have partnered with a local architect and can now provide architectural services for Commercial Projects. Being a small studio firm, we can offer more competitive fees while providing the same level of client services as larger firms. We look forward to collaborating with you on your commercial project.

Permit Packages

Design and drafting of development and building permit packages and permit submissions for new home construction. This also includes coordinating with the engineering team and being available during construction. 

Concept Design & Collaboration

Creating a concept design of a project or collaborating with the client, builder or architect/designer.

Secondary Suites

Design and drafting of a secondary suite, permit packages, application submission and consulting with property owner. 

Support Drafting

Drafting services for architects, designers, drafting personal, builders, etc. for a period duration as required.

Home Improvements

Design and drafting of smaller projects  like garages, basement developments, decks, etc. along with application submissions and consulting with property owner.

Garage Packages

All permits were be applied for and the garage will be framed and completed by our friendly and knowledgeable trades. Contact us to get a quote for your garage.