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Seconday Suite Types

Secondary Suites

Secondary Suites

We offer a variety of services, which include the permitting, and legalizing of secondary suites. Both new and existing suites can be legalized through a simple permitting process, which Studio Wolf Designs will help guide you through the following:


  • Initial site meeting with the property owner/developer & completion of as built measurements

  • Completing the permit drawings for both the development and building permit applications

  • Applying for the permits and coordinating with the City to obtain approvals

  • Being available through the construction process to answer any questions

  • Calling for inspections and obtaining your permit completions


Adding a secondary suite can provide extra income at a cost under $2500*.


If your project needs an experienced studio to help you through the legalization of your secondary suite, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Is an estimate which includes Studio Wolf Designs fee for completing the permit drawings
and applying for permits on the client’s behalf, permit fees and engineering fees (if applicable could).